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Mac Donalds & Quick : the battle leader – challenger

20 Dec

Mac Donald’s & Quick must have a great imagination to develop marketing strategies to attract and retain customers: new menus, investments for children target, launch of light and green products…

Let’s analyze what are their main strategies in terms of positioning, targeting and communication :


The fast food brands’ little war

6 Dec

The little “war” between fast-food brands worldwide and especially in Europe is now familiar for most countries, between the biggest ones: McDonald’s and Burger King.

In Germany, Mcdonald’s created recently with the help of one of the biggest advertising agency, DDB°, a new TV spot showing a little boy who finally found the solution to eat their McDonald’s fries peacefully:

In USA, Burger King launched in 2008 an advertising campaign against the leader McDonald’s on billboards:

The ad clearly said “Silly Whopper, that’s a Big Mac box,” in order to tell us with the humor way that Burger King’s standard burger (the Whopper) is bigger than McDonald’s biggest burger (the Big Mac).

A real little war is now started… To be continued 😉


8 Nov

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