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Burger King – Have it your way

6 Dec

Name : Burger King (BK)

    Founder : James McLamore & David Edgerton, 2 students of the School of Hotel Administration,

openned the first restaurant called « Insta Burger King » in Miami, 1954.

    Headquarters : Miami-Dade, Florida

    Best-sellers : Whopper (hamburger)

Key figures :

–       At the end of 2010 : BK has more than 12,200 outlets in 73 countries (66%in USA). N°3 fast-food chain behind McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

–       Net income (Financial year 2010) : US$ 186.8 million

–       About 40 000 employees


Burger king openned its first restaurant in France in 1980 in Paris, Champs-Elysées. BK growth slugged whereas Quick and McDonald’s launched at quite the same time in France grown up and openned new restaurants. BK openned only few restaurants, and no one out of Paris. That is the main reason why they failed on the French market, and closed their 16 restaurants in 1997.


Quick, nous c’est le gout !

22 Nov

Here is the 3rd and last actor of our analysis : Quick, nous c’est le gout !

Name : Quick

Founder : GB INNO BM (GIB Group), 1st Belgian distribution group

Founding date : 1971 in Belgium, 1980 the first Quick opened in France

Key figures about Quick restaurants :

  • 1st European fast food chain.
  • The 3rd fast food hamburger restaurant in Europe
  • 210 million consumers in 2010 and 160 million burgers sold
  • 18,500 employees of 58 nationalities
  • 483 restaurants in 9 countries (of which 362 are in France)
  • 1,028 million euros in volume of sales to the brand 2010

Turnover of Quick in 2010 in France : € 810 millions (+11% vs 2009)

Comments :

– 40 years of a story of taste that adapted the American fast food restaurant model for European tastes. Quick is still the first fast food hamburger restaurant in Belgium and Luxembourg, and the only challenger in France.

– In February 2010, Quick decided to launch Halal menus.

– The best seller is still the Giant !

McDonald’s – I’m loving it!

9 Nov

Hey FF followers,

Now let us give you some details about THE giant of the fast food industry…

Name: McDonald’s

Founder: the two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald (who created the first burger restaurants) & Ray Kroc (who bought the McDonald’s company)

Founding date: 1955 in the United States; the first McDonald’s opened in France in 1972

Headquarter:  Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

Key figures about McDonald’s restaurants :

  • Present in 119 countries
  • Serving 58 million customers each day
  • Operating 32 737 restaurants worldwide (of which 1 134 are in France)
  • Employing more than 1.5 million people worldwide

Turnover of McDonald’s in 2010 in France: € 3,9 billion (+8% vs 2009)


France is the 2nd biggest market for McDonald’s (after the USA).

Growth about +50% for 5 years in France.

Salads represent around 10% of sales, and the best seller is the Big Mac.

And you, are you lovin’ it ?? 🙂

KFC, Tellement bon !

9 Nov

Before going deeper into the world of fast food, let us make you a little presentation of the main actors:

Name: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Founder: Adam Sanders

Founding date: 1939 in the United States, 1991 the first KFC opened in France

Company:  YUM! Group.

KFC is present in more than 110 countries and feed everyday more than 10 millions of customers in 16 000 restaurants all around the world.

Turnover of KFC in 2010: 213 M€ ( in France)

Number of point of sales in 2011: 130 in France within 53 franchised

Specialty:  Fried Chicken.


Special recipe created by the founder which is kept in the head-quarter of KFC.

In October 2011, we will observe the launching of the first halal chicken wings.

The certification halal has been approved by the Paris’ Mosque.