Mac Donalds : how to build a new brand identity ?

20 Dec

Since 2000 and the different crisis ( mad cow disease, symbol of junk food, campaign against obesity and emergence of green consciousness), Mc Donalds was a controversial fast food and suffered from a brand identity problem.

Faced to these different crises, Mc Donalds decided to launch new communication campaigns.

Rebuilding of a desirable brand

Mc Donalds was threatened by loss of desirability and employability. It became a symbol of global capitalism where people don’t want to work anymore due to a merciless social policy.

To fight against this bad brand image, a new TV campaign was launch. This advertisement was focused on training, wellness of employees and equal opportunities.


The change of signature : “Venez comme vous êtes”

After “I’m lovin it” in 2003, Mc Donalds decided to launch a new signature in 2009 “come as you are” : the proximity is the main concern.  Mc Donalds try to communicate on emotional elements instead of practical ones to support its brand image and become a lovemark.

Proximity, diversity, human contact are the catchwords which defines this new message. Anyone can come at Mc Donalds whatever is your gender, race, age or purchasing power.


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