A new marketing strategy: From fast food to organic food !

18 Dec

Nowadays, advertisement is everywhere and has a really strong influence on consumer’s choice. Organic food is become trendy and a lot of brands try to use it to attract consumers and modify their brand image.

Mac Donald’s for example, which has suffered from criticism about the ingredients not healthy used in its food, has decided to adopt a new strategy : logo change (more details in the post regarding the logo’s evolution) and new advertisement more focused on health and sustainable development.

For example, in 2010, Mc Donald created a new ad to promote its new organic packaging and products come from organic farming.


Quick has also used this marketing strategy to give a better brand image to its consumers (damaged by the debate regarding the quality of its ingredients and the death of a person after eating in a Quick restaurant). Consequently, Quick has developed organic hamburgers and promote it through a lot of new advertisement.


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