Brand Awareness in Fast Food industry: two different methods to increase it.

15 Dec

In the marketing world the new trend is involving the customer in the communication of the brand.

The customer could be the main actor of a communication campaign or get the right of choosing the newest product that will be developed by the company.

These types of strategies are developed by firms in order to developed brand awareness, which is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product.

We will see that fast food industry is always more innovative in order to develop brand awareness and targeted market. We will study two examples that could be considered as models in this type of situation.

Quick is doing for example “Battle de Burger” several times per year, they submitted a choice of two new burgers that customers can try for a short-time period. Then they are invited to vote for the one they prefer. Like this the winning burger will be on Quick’s menus.

This method enables Quick to increase their number of customers, especially because being on the center of such a process is always interesting. Moreover it allows them to link new customers with their website and this collect data.

We have also to underlined that Mc Donald will take back this idea for the launch of special Hamburgers in January. Indeed for the need of a new communication they will take the same principle to promote the novelties.

Mc Donald on contrary has rather liked to develop a cross-media operation in order to increase brand awareness. Effectively they relaunch in November the Monopoly operation, but with specificity this year. Indeed Mc Donald made a partnership with youtube in order to be more visible on the Internet; they also enable customers to post their wins and losses on facebook and twitter. With such a strategy they increased the number of clicks on the devoted platform and then brand awareness.

Monopoly Mc Donald


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