Interbrand Last classment of Best global brands 2011

6 Dec

Brand Value Interbrand’s definition is « the marginal revenue which results from « the brand attachment » of the consumer, which would accept to pay little bit more for this brand regarding to a comparative offer. It is also a financial value that we can attribute to a brand, which explain its role into the intangibles assets of a company».

The Brand Value is calculated by Interbrand according to the actualization rate of the brand of several financial exercises. This calculation helps Interbrand to measure marketing strategies efficiency, communication expenditures, investments and other important decisions.

Top ten brands :

McDonalds is ranked at the 6th position in the global classment with more than $m35,5

Evolution of the top brands in the restauration chain industry since 2001:

Within the restauration chain brands, the first one is McDonalds which have known a great growth than 2001 (+10k $m), then there is KFC (quite the same amount than 2001). In the last position, there is Burger King which never exceed 5k $m.

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