Mc Donald or the way of doing a French fast-food

29 Nov

In September 2011, Mc Donald made a small revolution in their Breakfast menu; indeed they introduce the typical French baguette in order to attract new customers. This offer is available in the 130 Mc Café of the brand. The bread will be furnished by the group Holder ( which is the owner of the Ladurée and Paul bakeries) and its prepared on the morning as in bakeries.

This initiative comes from the willing of the group to adapt itself to the French market. Indeed according to the office Gira Conseil “French people are consuming 9 times more sandwiches than hamburgers, and more than 60% of the classic sandwiches sold in France are made with baguette”

This arrival is really symbolic and represents a step forward in the strategy of the group of answering to the specific French food habits. Effectively, in 2009 Mc Donald already innovated with the Big Mac and its complete bread, in January 2011 they launch the Mc Cantal and in February the Charolais with a French origin steack. In order to continue into this direction, in 2012 Mc Donald will offer a new sandwich made with the traditional baguette.


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