Quick, nous c’est le gout !

22 Nov

Here is the 3rd and last actor of our analysis : Quick, nous c’est le gout !

Name : Quick

Founder : GB INNO BM (GIB Group), 1st Belgian distribution group

Founding date : 1971 in Belgium, 1980 the first Quick opened in France

Key figures about Quick restaurants :

  • 1st European fast food chain.
  • The 3rd fast food hamburger restaurant in Europe
  • 210 million consumers in 2010 and 160 million burgers sold
  • 18,500 employees of 58 nationalities
  • 483 restaurants in 9 countries (of which 362 are in France)
  • 1,028 million euros in volume of sales to the brand 2010

Turnover of Quick in 2010 in France : € 810 millions (+11% vs 2009)

Comments :

– 40 years of a story of taste that adapted the American fast food restaurant model for European tastes. Quick is still the first fast food hamburger restaurant in Belgium and Luxembourg, and the only challenger in France.

– In February 2010, Quick decided to launch Halal menus.

– The best seller is still the Giant !


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