What are consumers’ expectations while visiting fast food establishments?

18 Nov

First of all, proximity is expected: there are fast food signs reminding customers they are forever present.

The other expectation from customers is fast service: French do not enjoy spending too long waiting for a meal anymore. It is estimated that today the French take approximately 17 minutes for breakfast, 33 minutes for lunch, and 38 minutes for dinner. In total, the average French person is expected to spend around 88 minutes a day eating. The interesting fact is that an American will spend on average 90 minutes per day eating. This allows us to conclude that neither Americans, nor the French have the time to spare during the day to simply eat.

The most important expectation of the French consumer is the link that exists between price and quality. However, by fast food standards, the French are willing to pay a premium. If we take a look at the Big Mac Index (a metric that compares the price of a Big Mac across various nations in the world in an attempt to present purchasing power parity), we can see that the French pay more than what consumers pay in the US. Consumers in France are willing to spend up to $9 in food at McDonald’s, compared to between $4 and $6 by their American counterparts. These facts confirm the correlation between price and quality.

Finally, we have liberty and conviviality. There are very few constraints in fast food restaurants (you can do what you would not dare at a formal restaurant, or at someone’s residence); it is also a place where children are welcome. Fast food establishments are changing their landscape by becoming places where families can come and share together. Family life is part of the fast food chains’ Marketing Strategy.


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