“Fast Food” Definition

9 Nov

Before we go any further, we must make a parenthesis to elaborate on the proper definition of “fast food.” What is fast food, really? There are a number of definitions out there that would give justice to the industry.

This is the definition given by the Syndicat National pour L’Alimentation et la Restauration Rapide (SNARR): fast food distinguishes itself from other forms of restaurant service (i.e. traditional restaurants, cafeterias, cafes-restaurants) by two specific characteristics:

  • The absence of table service
  • The utilization of disposable plates and utensils

In France, under legal terms, the possibility to consume on site is not a criterion used to determine whether an establishment corresponds to fast food or not. Today, fast food restaurants represent 2.3% of the totality of restaurants in France (Source: SNARR).


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