McDonald’s – I’m loving it!

9 Nov

Hey FF followers,

Now let us give you some details about THE giant of the fast food industry…

Name: McDonald’s

Founder: the two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald (who created the first burger restaurants) & Ray Kroc (who bought the McDonald’s company)

Founding date: 1955 in the United States; the first McDonald’s opened in France in 1972

Headquarter:  Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

Key figures about McDonald’s restaurants :

  • Present in 119 countries
  • Serving 58 million customers each day
  • Operating 32 737 restaurants worldwide (of which 1 134 are in France)
  • Employing more than 1.5 million people worldwide

Turnover of McDonald’s in 2010 in France: € 3,9 billion (+8% vs 2009)


France is the 2nd biggest market for McDonald’s (after the USA).

Growth about +50% for 5 years in France.

Salads represent around 10% of sales, and the best seller is the Big Mac.

And you, are you lovin’ it ?? 🙂


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