Small introduction…

9 Nov

Since the beginning of time, France has defined the culinary arts for gourmets around the world. Indisputably its capital, Paris, today reigns as the Mecca for lovers of “haute cuisine” or “fine dining” worldwide. But over the past two decades, a new phenomenon has taken the city of lights by storm. Names such as “McDonald’s”, “Quick”, and “KFC” have literally invaded Paris and have become staples in the daily lives of Parisians. This, however, did not come easily.

As expected, this traditionalistic society has been resistant to change, particularly to the winds of “Americanization” and “Globalization.” For many French people there is an association that good food is French and fast food is American and bad.

Considering the deeply entrenched culinary tradition of the French, what then, explains the huge success fast food companies have sustained since their inception in France?

It is without a doubt not a surprise that the French have the reputation of being the perennial detractors of all things American. When it comes to food and culture, the French are extremely proud of their heritage.

Are the French still narcissistic in their culinary expertise, or have they evolved into a cosmopolitan society that could easily adapt? This question also goes hand in hand with the bigger question regarding whether or not the French have managed to consciously or subconsciously endure or go through their own Americanization.

This blog will attempt to analyze how the phenomenon of fast food in France evolved. It will be inevitable to look at the most important players in the market, and key questions will be answered: What was the general reaction to the entrance of these restaurants? What changed in French society over the years to allow the successful entrance of these restaurants? What is the public perception of these restaurants today? What does the future hold for this industry in France?


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